Despite everything, it's still you.

How do you wrap up a hellscape of a year, one that hangs over 2021 like a shadow? You don't! But you can reflect at least 🙃💭

Video Games

Retro Redux: Bringing the Present to the Past of Gaming

It is truly impressive what fans, especially video game fans, have managed to do to preserve nostalgic experiences... and to, somehow, create new experiences, bringing a bit of the present into the past! 🎮🔜⏱


A Tale of Two Overlays

What can you do with HTML/CSS in terms of streaming! A lot, as it turns out, and I've got a few examples from my own streaming to give some idea what is possible! 🎥📺🎮

The Race Against Time

A Summer of Learning: The Race Against Time

What a summer! After being busy for so long, it's about time to pause and reflect. Let's see what I learned running an annual video game charity event, and maybe it can help you too? 📺🎮