About me

A photo of me, Nick Terwoord, in Joshua Tree National Park

Pronouns: He / Him / His

I’m Nick Terwoord, a software developer, podcaster, and a huge fan of, well, fan culture! I’ve worked at companies from small startups to big companies (including Shopify and Square) in a variety of roles, and many different languages (Java, Ruby, Python, Go—though Javascript is my favourite💖).

My geeky interests focus mostly around my work as a member of the Nickscast: I am the host and writer for the Zeal Archives—a podcast / audio drama about the world of Chrono Trigger—and co-host and editor of Fanthropological, a partly explanatory podcast that covers fandoms and fan culture related issues. I also run the Race Against Time a livestream that focuses on completing older games in set time limit for charity.

I started this iteration of my blog as part of an effort to integrate my interests and hobbies. I’ve been a geek my entire life, personally and professionally, and have mostly avoided talking about both. I want to talk more openly about my geeky experiences and those of others (which I am constantly in awe of) 😲

Why nt3rp?

When I graduated from University, and even at conventions, one piece of advice I had heard was to try to use the same handle across social media. I wanted something short, hard to mess up, and ideally, memorable. I ended up with NT3R (NICK T3R‎WOORD) as it was easy to spell aloud and the domain name was available.

Unfortunately, someone on Twitter already had that handle (😞), so I tried to retcon the name into something cleverer: nt3rp (similar to entropy)

And since I started using that alias in 2010 on Twitter, I’m stuck with it now 🙃

Illustration of Nick Terwoord by ThinkNu

Illustration of Nick Terwoord by ThinkNu